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Standard Show

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The standard Squiggle Tooth show features a selection of our own music, including songs from the My Magical Wonderland album and our upcoming releases, plus special covers of our biggest influences, ranging anywhere from Journey to ELP, Boston, Deep Purple and King Crimson.


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A LIVE MODERN-DAY TRIBUTE TO QUEEN. This is a full 90-minute or 2-hour celebration of the genius that is the expansive catalog of Queen music.

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Styx themselves have praised this undeniable tribute to their legendary 50-year discography. There really is no other show on earth like this tribute to the most iconic American progressive classic rock band.

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The biggest hits and fan-favorites of RUSH focusing mainly on the 70's and early 80's eras of the band.

Rushology is the most studio-accurate live representation of Rush music, complete with synth pedals, drum pads, xylophone, and a frontman lead singer adding secondary guitars and keyboards, true to the original trio's timeless records.



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We figured, why not give the people what they want, and put it all together in an ALL-KILLER show of only the best of the best, in ONE EPIC NIGHT.

Having experience performing in hundreds of venues, we chose just the songs that always go over best.

QRST (Queen Rush Styx Tribute
presented by Squiggle Tooth) delivers the greatest anthems of Queen, Rush, and Styx with a few of our own songs inserted, that we've found have brought crowds to their feet...
Along with a special surprise encore.

You're not confused... YOU READ THAT RIGHT!

The four members of Squiggle Tooth are capable of performing FIVE DIFFERENT full shows of impeccable music.

This is a fully invested life's pursuit for every musician involved and we're doing 100% of what we love and the music we're passionate about.

Book the band now before each show is going for 20k+


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